About Us

A Childhood Passion

I wanted to be a chef since I was three years old. I would spend hours wearing the requisite puffy white chef’s hat, concocting an endless variety of culinary delights that were most likely unpalatable. But I loved it, and so I continued playing in the kitchen until, years later, I realized that I could make really delicious food. I watched as people would take a bite, sigh, roll their eyes up, and sit back in their chairs with sideways grins. Watching people sincerely experience moments of bliss from my food became a catalyst for further study — and ultimately the creation of my own business.

Developing My Skills Further

I studied at, and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Seattle, WA. I was fortunate to be placed with one particular Chef Instructor who was skilled with chocolate. He decided to squeeze a segment about chocolate into two days of the curriculum, where there hadn’t been before. I was hooked. I interned with chocolatier Julie Farrell at Tease Chocolates in Tacoma, WA, and then I took classes at Callebaut’s Académie du Chocolat in Montréal. After that, I graduated from École Chocolat’s Certified Chocolatier Program. I have spent countless hours messing up, learning, innovating, and striving to constantly hone my skills in this craft.

Inspired by Grandma

My Grandmother was magic in the kitchen. I used to sit on the wood box next to her large antique wood cookstove and watch her maneuver her small kitchen in her long denim skirt, with the grace of a lullaby. She would nimbly craft gratifying feasts for sometimes twenty or more people at a time, which we would all indulge in with great enthusiasm. I wanted to be like her; calm, patient, determined, a twinkle in her eyes, an ability to create wonderful food, and a love of giving generously.

The Art & Science of Chocolate

I love how working with chocolate and confections is the perfect emulsion of art and science. I have a background in both, having begun as a fine arts major, but then ultimately earning my Bachelor’s of Science degree. I appreciate and am fascinated by both the scientific precision and artistic intuition required to create fine chocolates and candies. I’m passionate about giving people that moment, that experience of pure pleasure, through my candies. Because of that, I constantly strive to innovate and perfect — making each piece, and each experience, the best it can be.

From My Family to Yours

I am a mother of two unique and brilliant daughters, and the wife of a big-hearted husband. We live in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of NY. We look forward to providing you with unforgettable handcrafted chocolates and warm customer service.